Specialist Dental Clinic: Root Canal Treatment in Singapore

root canal clinic singaporeRoots Advanced Endodontics is a modern specialist dental clinic in Singapore that treats severe toothache and root canal diseases.

Our spacious Endo Suite™ is designed around the patient to provide a comfortable treatment experience. The carefully planned layout allows the endo team quick access to advanced equipment with minimal cross traffic.

Our specialist, Dr Tan Peng Hui (陳炳煇医生), has been an endodontist for more than 20 years. A post-graduate of the University College of London, where he obtained his Master of Clinical Dentistry (Endodontology) and received the book prize for the highest clinical and academic achievement. He is a self-confessed perfectionist, known for his quality work, creativity and an inventive style. Dr Tan will complete every root canal treatment to his exacting standard and satisfaction, even if it means seeing fewer patients. He is a registered Specialist in Endodontics with the Singapore Dental Council, a Fellow of the Academy of Medicine, a part time lecturer with the NUS Faculty of Dentistry and the past Editor-In-Chief of the Singapore Dental Journal. He is better known as Singapore pioneer forensic dentist and for his public service in the military, which is another story for another time 

For toothache cure and root canal treatment, call us at +65 6397 2939. Take care. More photographs in the Clinic Gallery page.

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