Our Modern Technology

High-Powered Surgical Microscope

Our clinic uses the high-powered surgical microscope for root canal treatment. Nothing escapes the eyes of the microscope, which provides superb illumination and visualisation of the inside of the tooth and the root canals up to 25 times of magnification. The microscope is indispensable in complex root canal treatment.

Electronic Apex Locator

The thorough cleaning, shaping and sealing of root canals to the ends is key to the success of root canal treatment. The Electronic Apex Locator accurately measures the length of the root canal by locating the exact point of narrowing of the canal using impedance measurement.

Digital Dental Radiology (X-ray)

Dental radiology (x-ray) enables the visualisation of the inside of teeth and surrounding bone, vital for root canal treatment. Our patients do not need to leave the dental chair or the room for the x-ray. Our Endo Suite™ is equipped with digital x-ray machine with electronic sensors, which requires less radiation and produce images instantly viewable on the computer monitor. Digital radiology has replaced wet films that were developed using chemical in a dark room.

Wireless Dental Image Plate

The thin, flexible dental image plate has replaced the conventional x-ray film in our clinic. Its special coating makes it durable and comfortable in the mouth. Unlike the earlier generation digital radiography, there is no wire connecting to the plate, making it easy to place in the mouth during root canal treatment. The photon collecting system of the image plate produces an image of superior resolution than chemical film (photo courtesy of Dürr Dental).

Mini Scanner

The x-ray image captured by the plate is read by a mini scanner, which produces the image on the computer monitor within seconds. The reader will reset the plate for reuse. The plate, which can be used several thousand times, is more x-ray-sensitive than film, allowing a lower radiation dose to be used. (photo courtesy of Dürr Dental)

Instantly Viewable Image On Computer Monitor

The instant ability to view the x-ray image on a computer screen rather than on a piece of film enables the endodontist to discuss with you the finding of the x-rays and the treatment plan.The x-ray image viewable on the computer monitor can be stored, distributed and viewed on other computers around the clinic. Hard copy of the image can be printed if required.

Ergonomically Designed Salli Saddle Chair

Ergonomically designed Salli saddle chair. The Finnish designed chair keeps the body in the natural comfortable posture, allowing the dentist and dental nurse to care for their patients all day. On the Salli, the lower body forms a golden triangle as it sits on the sitting bones with the legs obliquely forward. This allows the back to stay straight and can be exercised by little shifts of the weight.

Paperless Practice

We are a paperless practice. Our clinic’s dental practice management software allows radiology (x-ray), patient record keeping, appointment scheduling and accounting processes to be digital. This electronic system enhances patient safety by reducing errors from incorrect information (written or filing errors). It can search for patient information, monitor appointments, work load, disease trend or financial data. Unlike paper dockets, which can be lost or damaged, the electronic data are backed up at the end of each day.

A bug’s life is short in our clinic. Liquid chemicals (germicides) wipe them off contact surfaces, dental chair, x-ray tube etc. Instruments used in root canal treatment are washed and soaked in antiseptic solutions before they are sterilised with high pressure 121-degree steam (autoclaving). A whole array of infection control measures protects our patients and our staff from infection and illness.


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